Aline Aguiar da Franca

M. Sc.

Scholarship Student

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Institute of Automatic Control


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Title Author(s)
Lift Force Control of a Stand-Alone Airfoil
Conference Presentation, Poster (2015)
Aguiar da Franca, Aline
Abel, Dirk
Modeling and Model Predictive Control of Combustion Instabilities in a Multi-section Combustion Chamber Using Two-Port Elements
Contribution to a book, Contribution to a conference proceedings (2014)
Shariati, Sadaf
Aguiar da Franca, Aline
Oezer, Berkay
Noske, Raimund
Abel, Dirk
Brockhinke, Andreas
Potential and Challenges of MILD Combustion Control for Gas Turbine Applications
Contribution to a book (2014)
Albin, Thivaharan
Aguiar da Franca, Aline
Varea, Emilien
Kruse, Stephan
Pitsch, Heinz GŁnter
Abel, Dirk