Lab of Automatic Control

  Representation of different experiments of Automatic Control IRT

In numerous fields of daily life and within industrial processes automation of technical systems intends relieving humans or to increase productivity. Automatic control systems are an essential part of modern automation solutions. Although of their great potentials for various applications, automatic control theory has a reputation of being very theoretical und mathematical. Therefor the Lab of Automatic Control focuses on the practical application of automatic control methods.



The Lab of Automatic Control addresses students who want to apply and deepen their knowledge obtained from preceding automatic control lectures. For selected demonstrators of typical processes, the entire control design process chain will be stepped through using MATLAB/Simulink – beginning with system identification and modelling, the analysis of the plant up to controller design and implementation as well as simulation and final validation in real operation.


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  • Introduction to MATLAB/Simulink
  • Structure and components of real automatic control systems
  • Modeling, linear and non-linear
  • Experimental system identification
  • Control algorithm design, for example PID-controller, state controller, non-linear controller
  • Tools for automatic control in MATLAB/Simulink
  • Validation of control systems at selected exhibits


  • lecture of automatic control, or similar


At the end of the lecture you will get a certificate of participation. To obtain the certificate, it is required to attend at least 6 out of 7 lectures.



Please check the announcements for the dates during the summer semester. All documents will be provided at L2P.