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Since 2007 the RWTH Aachen University disposes over a MATLAB Campus license, which can be utilized individually by all university students and employees. This software, which enables for various mathematical-technical problems to be solved, is employed in numerous industrial applications. For instance, MATLAB is frequently applied for controller design, dynamic systems simulations, for statistical calculations and image processing.


Information on L2P Course Rooms

Registration for the L2P course rooms is usually performed by the students themselves, starting from the lecture site in the campus system. If you have trouble registering or you need a late registration, please contact your respective advisor.


In scope of the course "Meeting Point“ MATLAB, the possibility is offered to all RWTH members to learn MATLAB Software through intensively supervised lectures. Thereby the introductory as well as the application related subjects are handled and different MATLAB toolboxes are presented. Deeper insight into subject areas is gained through examples and exercises. The complete course is organized in an interactive manner where the participants have the opportunity to practice the exercises on their own notebooks and to consult the supervisor. The learning materials such as pdf lecture notes, lecture presentations, exercises and related solutions are provided on the homepage and in the L2P area of the course respectively.


Important Information

  • Dates and hours which are indicated in the pdf document apply:
    3 to 4:30pm
    The hours stated in Campus Office are only seminar room allocation hours!
  • Applications for the introductory lectures follow through the RWTH-CampusOffice.
  • It is highly recommended to bring your own laptop in order to be able to independently solve the problems. Please note that the number of available power sockets is very limited.
  • Participants who satisfy the course requirements can receive a Certificate of Attendance.
    A Certificate of Attendance can be issued upon request at the end of semester.
  • The MATLAB should be installed before the lectures start. In case problems during installation occur, the participants should contact the IT Center. Further information can be found on the MATLAB-Campuslizenz website.


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+49 241 80 27508



Consultation Hours

In addition to offered lessons, there are offered MATLAB consultation hours at the institute of automatic control once a week during the semester. The consultation hours are held by the MathWorks stipends.

The consultation hours are meant for all students who work with MALTAB and Simulink either in the spare time or in scope of their HiWi jobs, projects and thesis. Moreover questions related to The MathWorks or stipend program can be placed.

We kindly ask the participants for prior notification .
Simple problems and tasks also can be answered outside the official consultation hours.

During the semester breaks it is possible to arrange the individual appointment for consultations.



The schedule and subject plan for the upcoming semester can be found in the PDF File.

The course materials can be found in the L2P section of the "Meeting Point“ MATLAB course. To access L2P section, the candidates need to apply for the course “Meeting Point” MATLAB via Campus Office first. The fastest way to find the course is to use search function.


Overview of the Next MATLAB Events:


Friday, April 13 to Friday to July 20, 2018

Tutorium:  introductory courses


Financial Issues

The course "Meeting Point“ MATLAB is financed from quality improvement funds. The person responsible at our institute for questions regarding the application of financial funds is Dr.-Ing. Frank-Josef Heßeler.




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