Research Papers and Theses

Here you find a list of our research papers and theses.

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Automatic Control

control loop

Automatic Control is a compulsory course for the Bachelor course in Mechanical Engineering.

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Tutorial Control Engineering

The “Tutorial Control Engineering" - “Treffpunkt Regelungstechnik",  was established in the summer semester of 2007 as an additional course to the fundamental lecture “Control Engineering”.

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Recognition of Foreign Exam Results

Under the precondition that the contents are of same value, exam result received for courses not taken at RWTH Aachen can be recognized as equivalent to “Regelungstechnik”.

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Advanced Control Theory

This course is intended to proceed on the topics of the mandatory lecture. Starting from the basics covered in advanced control theory topics and control design methods will be discussed.

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Rapid Control Prototyping

In the last decades the design process of automatic control has strongly been connected with the use of new software technologies. The focus of this course lies in ...

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Process Control and System Automation

model factory

In many sectors of mechanical engineering complex systems with multiple inputs and outputs are to be automized. Programmable logic controllers and process control systems facilitate automatic control as well as process visualization and documentation in a very comfortable way, ...

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Control Engineering for BME

This lecture is a part of the course Control & Electrical Engineering of the master course BME. Only the first prt of ths combined course will deal with control, whereas the second about Electrical Engineering will be lectured by the AME.

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Model-Predictive Control of Combustion Processes

The control of combustion processes makes high demands on the chosen control technique due to the highly nonlinear system behavior and ...

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Meeting Point MATLAB

Since 2007 the RWTH Aachen University disposes over a MATLAB Campus license, which can be utilized individually by all university students and employees.

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Lab of Automatic Control

Representation of different experiments of Automatic Control

In numerous fields of daily life and within industrial processes automation of technical systems intends relieving humans or to increase productivity.

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Simulation Methods in Engineering I

Simulation Methods in Engineering I is designed as a lecture series of various chairs in the second semester of the degree program Computational Engineering Science, called CES, which requires confirmation of course attendance.

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Virtual Control Lab

Supporting the lectures, this section will be extended step-by-step. The virtual experiments are provided in order to render topics of automatic control more tangible to students.

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