Interdisciplinary Research Partnerships

  The E.ON Energy Research Center Copyright: RKW Architects Düsseldorf, Holger Knauf

The work communities at RWTH Aachen develop and tap into new, interdisciplinary research fields that span across the faculties.  In contrast, our competence and research centers work intenstively on specific research topics and combine expertise from our institutes in scientic cooperations.


Work Communities

Involving researchers from several departments and institutes, the University's Work Communities develop new multi-disciplinary research fields with strategic meaning for RWTH Aachen.

At the Center for Computational Engineering Science (CCES), a collaboration of 22 university and associated institutions from the natural sciences and engineering fields, researchers join forces to further develop computer-based modeling approaches, simulations, and the otimization of technological and scientific systems.

Competence and Research Centers

in contrast to the work communities, the competence centers at RWTH Aachen collaborate with a limited number of institutes, focusing on research with the goal of creating a more efficient connection between the institutions’ research activities.

The RWTH research and competence centers pool expertise in various areas of research, from biomimetics and nanotechnology to the history of the sciences. For an overview of the competence centers and their activities and key research focuses, please visit: Competence and Research Centers.