Why Manage Data?

Film about Research Data Management at RWTH Aachen

Research data management offers advantages to researchers and their disciplines. The workflows, methods, and processes ensure both the quality and that the research data can be used long term. They additionally reduce problems and difficulties in the overall project.

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Support Offers for the Research Process

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The Research Data Management Team at RWTH Aachen has put together the answers to frequently asked questions and offers different services to support you with your research data management.

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What are research data?

Blood Pump Projections in the "Cave"

Research data are data that are collected, observed, simulated, or generated in a research project. Photo: Peter Winandy

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What do funders and publishers require?

Research in the Cave

An increasing number of public donors expect you to provide your research data publicly and free of charge. A data management plan has been part of DFG and EU project applications for a while now. Photo:Peter Winandy

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We are happy to advise you, your institute, or working group in person or over the phone on general or specific questions regarding research data management.

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Continuing Education Offers

We offer RWTH Aachen employees continuing education opportunities through the framework of the established continuing education program at RWTH Aachen.

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