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We help you with all questions about your studies - from choosing a course of study to beginning your career.

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Support for International Students


The Department "International Office" takes care of more than 7,000 students currently studying at RWTH Aachen University and offers services, advice, information, leisure time activities and support for studying. Photo: Martin Braun

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Student Councils within Faculties


Who represents me in the University Council? Who answers questions about studies from your perspective? Active fellow students from the student representative councils are the right contact persons, if you have questions about student representation, advising, and support.

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Students' individual needs, their problems, and their potential will be recognized early on through an individual, comprehensive mentoring system, which will systematically advise students and accompany them throughout their studies. Students' academic success is promoted as well as RWTH Aachen's central goal, reducing the number of students who do not complete their studies. Photo: Peter Winandy

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Life Situations
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Students with Disabilities or a Chronic Illness


Which lecture halls are handicap accessible? Who allocates internship positions for disabled students? Is there an athletic program for students with disabilities? The RWTH Aachen Students with Disabilities Representative is responsible for equal opportunities for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses.

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Students With Children


Studying for an exam while simulataneously changing a diaper? The RWTH Aachen Family Services Center will gladly advise you on how to bring childcare and university studies under one roof.

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Psychological Counceling


Crisis, stress, learning difficulties, mood problems, fears, relationship troubles – possible burdens, that influence studies for many students.  During your studies, you can find professional and confidential support through our psychological counseling services.

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Conflict Management


If there is trouble during your studies, the representative for teaching in your faculty will help you.  This individual provides conflict management between students and teachers or the adminstration.

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AStA Services
RWTH student union executive committee

RWTH Students' Union

The Students' Union is the representative body for all students' interests at RWTH.

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BAföG application form



Funding for your education is possible, but how? Having problems submitting your applications? ASta BAFöG Advising will help you.

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Housing Advising


The RWTH Aachen Student Union, AStaA, offers support on the topic of housing and tenancy laws in collaboration with the Tenants' Protection Association.

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Legal Advising


Trouble with your own apartment?  Problems with exam matters? If legal aid is needed, ASta Legal Advising will help you for free.

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Career Center

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Only one final exam, but the work world is still a closed book to you?  The RWTH Aachen Career Center provides the first contact with companies, gives valuable tips about the application process, and supports you in planning your career. Photo: Thilo Vogel

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RWTH Lectorship

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You are currently writing an academic text, a journalistic essay or something else? We can offer help regarding your questions about the writing process. The RWTH Lectorship is a free service offer. Photo: Writing Center

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Studierendenwerk Aachen


Aachen Student Services is a service provider  for students for all questions and matters about food, housing, financing for studies, and childcare.

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