Model Predictive Control - MPC Workshop


July 24 to 25, 2018: 9 to 5pm


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June 30, 2018

Important Information
Duration: Two days from 9am to 5pm
Language: English
Location: Institut für Regelungstechnik Raum 032 (Modellfabrik), Campus-Boulevard 30, 52074 Aachen

Limited capacity, priority is with those who register earlier.

Certificate: Participants who attend both days receive a certificate of MPC Workshop.
Laptops/Software: Computers are available, although the participants can work on their own laptops. In this case Matlab 2017b or a later version plus Visual Studio 2015 C++ Compiler (or SDK7.1) must be installed, because Mex-files are be required. Furthermore, ACADO is needed as explained here.
More Information regarding Matlab: Matlab Licence from RWTH Aachen


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Model Predictive Controllers are born in 70's in the oil industry. However, it took nearly two decades until they find their way to the academic society and other industries. The main reason for this delay was that the power of processors of the time was not enough to handle the real-time calculations, without which practicing novel and more sophisticated algorithms is not possible.

However, in the last two decades, in parallel to the growing capacity of the processors, Model-Based optimization is widely applied in many other industries, as well as in the control comunity. Nowadays, it is becomming a necessity for many engineers in different industrial fields to know how to implement an MPC for a specific problem.

Due to its increasing applications, the Institute of Automatic Control, IRT for short, offers a two-days workshop to introduce Model Predictive Control. This Workshop will focus on the basics of Model Predictive Control for constrained systems. The participants have the opportunity to become familiar with MPC programming in a simple form. Finally, a short overview on more advanced algorithms such as decentralized MPC and Hybrid MPC is provided.


Who is recommended to enroll?

Model Predictive Controllers are among high-level and advanced control algorithms. It is assumed that the participants have enough background in the fundamentals of control theory, that is to say attended Regelungstechnik, Control Engineering, System Theory, ...

The Workshop includes a Tutorial on MPC programming in Matlab. Therfore, it is necessary that the participants are familiar with Programming in Matlab, such as writing m-files and being familiar with Matlab Functions and Matlab/Simulink. We highly recommend this workshop for the students, who have attended Rapid Control Prototyping, Advance Control Engineering or Model based Control of energy systems.